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Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no charge or set limit for the carriage of any amount of luggage. It's purely dependent on the amount of space in the aircraft's hold - and/or in the cabin if there's room. We'll ask you at the time of booking if you're planning on bringing an unusually large quantity of luggage - so an appropriate aircraft is selected. Lower than expected weight restrictions can apply in very hot climates, high altitudes or where the airport runway is short - but these variables can usually be tailored into your booking requirements, by selecting an appropriate aircraft and airports.

Will I see the exact specification of the aircraft before I fly?

Yes, before you sign your contract with us, the exact aircraft to be usually used will be known, and full details of this including floor plans is usually forms part of the contract.

On Board Catering

This is entirely at your descretion, and can be tailored to your exact needs and those of your fellow passengers. You can specify simple snacks to finest gourmet cuisine.

Passport and Visa Requirements

Passport and visa requirements are the same as would be required on commercial flights. All passengers must be in possession a valid passport and any visas required for their departure and arrival countries, and have these available for inspection at any time. Some countries e.g USA also require immigration requirements to be satisfied during fuel stops - but we will notify you of these as sson as possible after your charter has been confirmed.

Will there be any additional charges?

Your contract will detail precisely what is included or excluded, which can vary between operators. Examples of these are:
Usually Included:
Standard Catering, Airport Duty Taxes, Fuel Surcharges, Flight Attendant, VAT (where applicable), Complimentary Bar
Usually Not Included:
Airport Transfers, On-Board Communication Costs, Airport Opening Extenstion Fees, Ground Transportation, Upgraded Catering

Support and Management During your Journey

As soon as your flight is confirmed you will be assigned a flight manager who will be available throughout your journey, whatever time of the day or night.

Can you arrange more than just flights?

Yes, we can arrange chauffeur services, hotels, restaurants, entance to events, hospitality and many other concierge services.

Can I make Changes to My Booking

Changes made to your booking after confirmation may be accepted, subject to availability. However there may be charges that we incur form operators and other suppliers that will be chargeable to your booking.

Which Airports can I use ?

Due to their size and versatility, private jets can be accommodated at far more airports than large commercial jets. Airports specialising in private aviation offer faster transit times and tailored facilities.

Which Aircraft Can I use ?

Aircarft availability is subject to the operator chosen, route and dates, however it is usually possible to find a specific aircarft model or even the aircarft iteself, if flights are booked far enough in advance.

Can I determine this precise schedule?

Yes, subject to availability this is almost always possible. Obvioulsy the more in advance a flight is booked, the greater the possibility of being able to determine the exact schedule.


In common with all air transport, security is of the highest importance. However our partners will always ensure this is as courteous and discrete as possible.

Check In Times

This is usually 30 minutes prior to departure.

Safety Requirements

Safety is always the highest priority in all aspects of air travel, and our operators all conform and exceed to to the necessary local and international regulations. All of our aircraft operating companies will hold an Air Operator's Certificate or the equivalent as issued by their appropriate National Authorities. This certification is exactly the same as that held by national airlines and ensures that operators are regularly checked to ensure the highest standards of safety in flying, maintenance and passenger care. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA - UK), The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA - US), and all other National Authorities have websites where you can see who holds this certification. There are links to some of these sites here: UK Civil Aviation Authority US Federal Aviation Administration Passengers' health and safety are our highest priority. Charter aircrew are subject to strict regulations and have thousands of hours flying experience. All our aircraft are subject to the same stringent checks and maintenance as on scheduled airlines. And don't forget you'll often be flying out of smaller, less congested airports

What is an ‘empty leg’?

An ‘empty leg’ is the return flight of an aircraft that has been booked to fly one way only.  As the fuel, crew and most other costs have effectively already been paid for, the ‘empty leg’ can be booked at a substantially discounted rate.  ‘Empty legs’ are often available only at short notice, but in return for this flexibility, Debonair clients can enjoy all the benefits of private air travel for a fraction of the usual cost.  Please see for current availability.

Is my pet permitted to fly?

Many private aircraft operators allow pets, but some do not.  Just like their owners, pets that fly will have to be restrained for take-off and landing for their own safety.  Debonair will always go the extra mile to accommodate their client’s requirements if at all possible, so please make it known when you make your enquiry if you need a pet-friendly aircraft.

How do I get my tickets?

Tickets are not issued to travel on private aircraft like they are for scheduled airlines.  When you book, Debonair will gather the necessary information to comply with any relevant regulations, and provide a full itinerary by email and post.  This will contain all the information you need for your flight.  Debonair clients also enjoy the benefit of a private secure login at and a mobile device optimised website to enable access to their itinerary anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Will there be other passengers on the aircraft?

The only passengers on the aircraft will be those booked and authorised by you.

Can I add passengers after making a booking?

Yes, subject to the capacity of the aircraft.  As you are booking an entire aircraft, there will usually not be any additional cost associated with adding (or removing) passengers. In the event that additional passengers would exceed the capacity of the aircraft, it is usually possible to cancel the original booking and re-quote based on a larger aircraft, although there may be a financial penalty if this is very near to the date of travel. 

How and when can I pay?

Debonair accepts bank transfers and all major credit and debit cards including Mastercard, Visa and American Express.  There are no additional charges for paying by credit card.  A 50% non-returnable deposit is required on booking, and the balance is due no less than 14 calendar days from travel.

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